Optimising your business via bespoke software, apps and e-commerce solutions.

ClickinOn specialise in 4 key areas:

Bespoke software development

Taking an idea or business process and developing a software solution is a core skill for ClickinOn, by working with the client and understanding their requirements enables our team to translate those discussion into a fully working solution.

Apps for mobile and tablets

Apps are so popular now but having the right app for your business is important, it is also important to recognise that like a website an app has a working system behind it that feeds content and functionality which is the key to your apps success.

E-commerce solutions

We have all seen in the news about how e-commerce or online sales are driving businesses and failing to add this sales channel to your business can be a costly mistake, e-commerce systems can range from simple with a few products to multi products with multiple choices of one product, some even have design your own product.

Bespoke booking and reservation tools

Whether you are booking a table in a restaurant or booking a flight and anything in between, the rise of being able to book online has become as popular as buying online, ClickinOn has experience in multiple types of booking and reservation engines and are happy to discuss yours to see how we can help.



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