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With almost half of worlds users going online via their mobile phone, it has become increasingly important to have a mobile friendly services for your clients to engage and interact with. Future customers are already accessing your web services through their smartphones, looking for something which is user friendly, easy to navigate and has the information they require.

Many mobile search users are utilising their mobile for instant results, whether it be to get the latest information on services or to buy something online, the one thing that resonates across all actions on a mobile is ease.
It is imperative the mobile customers are able to navigate to the site they want quickly and the content within the site. That’s why we firmly believe every business should have their own mobile site and mobile application, giving customers less information but a much quicker route to information they need.

ClickinOn exists to make sense of mobile. We solve business problems – increasing sales, developing customer engagement, and enhancing productivity and the services provided – through brilliant mobile strategy, innovation, and technology.
Customers are accessing the internet from their mobile in increasing numbers so if they can’t find your business services you won’t get their business.

ClickinOn are not just talking about selling digital content; you can sell everything through the mobile web that you can through the fixed web. But mobile is accessible wherever and whenever and with more and quicker payment options.
Want to increase loyalty amongst existing users or recruit new ones?

Why not consider integrating a mobile voucher offer into your business online presence? Paper vouchers have a stigma attached to them, and requires thought and effort to take along to a participating store, and as opposed to problems experience through other traditional direct marketing where there are issues surrounding validity, mobile vouchers they can be verified at the check out, when a user is in the relevant store without the need to cut anything out or remember where they put it.

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