The e-commerce world is expanding fast as the chase for the customers money expands online and away from the traditional High Street. That does not mean a High St shop should not do e-commerce, it most definitely should to enhance the actual shop experience.

We can create a bespoke e-commerce solution

Bespoke e-commerce sites are purposely designed for the purpose of your specific business and can align with your processes and be specifically designed to your online selling systems.

Have an off the shelf e-commerce solution.

An "off the shelf" e-commerce build comes with templates and all the standard functionality you need to start selling online, they can be customised but sometimes do have their limitations.

Give customers multiple ways to pay for your products or services, ClickinOn can advise you the best ones to go for.
Looking to create an online store? Easily add and sell items via the internet.
Integrate any sort of information you'd like about your business. Whether it's your food menu or services.
Give customers multiple ways to contact your business. Phone, website, email, and directions to your business.

Want to have your own responsive website?

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