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Mobile Apps developed to the customers requirement

Apps development for every Industry, with mobile apps development often costing thousands of pounds, ClickinOn provides you with a completely branded, affordable mobile apps for your business. We can build Mobile apps for your iPhone, iPad and Android device at a fraction of the cost of typical mobile apps development.
ClickinOn can build in many great mobile app features that you can use to connect with customers both existing and new via the mobile marketing space and really start to grow your business. ClickinOn can manage your apps from uploading new content through to platform updates where your mobile apps will be instantly updated.
Seamlessly integrate all of your social media and web based systems into your mobile app. Integrate into Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and web based bespoke shopping carts or reservation systems.

Another reason for having an iPhone app or Android app for your large or small business is that it allows customers to reach you in a matter of seconds. If they want to call you, they can do so with the touch of a button. If they want to send you an email then that can also do this with the press of a button. What if they want to read about your products or services first and then set up an appointment?
We can design a mobile application for any company, including the iPhone, iPad and Android app for small business, this can all be done in seconds through your mobile application.
ClickinOn can make all of this a reality because this is what we do for our clients everyday, we take their vision and turn it into an interface that customers can interact with. Your mobile app means more customers and higher revenues. This is the power of the mobile application!

Check out some of the other cool features available below

Create a Menu, Brochure or services listing within the application

Customers can then view, order or book their requirements through their mobile.

Your companies social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more can easily integrated within the App.

This allows greater communication and engagement with your customers.

Sell products or services inside your app with payment integration and booking process

Allow customers to search, view, and purchase items.

ClickinOn will create your business a fully functional, branded Mobile Application at a great price.

There are so many functions your Mobile Application can perform, from plain easily used contact details, through Social Media integration on to a fully usable Food menu for a Take Away Restaurant. A Mobile Application allows your business to engage and interact with customers both existing and new for less than the cost of traditional marketing strategies.